Everything went very smoothly!! It was one of my son's best birthday parties ever. Everyone was very helpful & courteous from check-in to driving instructions!! Your crew did a great job!! Thanks again & I'm sure we'll be back to race on our own for fun! In fact, a group of parents are interested in doing an evening there with the kids one night soon. -Marie

The party was so much fun for all the girls and my son is now convinced his birthday will be there in August. All in all it was flawless and a great time was had by all. Thank you. -Suzi

Everything was absolutely perfect. The service was wonderful including the front desk, cafe, and the driving crew. The pizza was great. The kids had a blast. Thank you so much! -Nikki

We had a FABULOUS time. The races were so much fun, and your staff was very attentive and nice. We will definitely be coming back. Thank you, -Jennifer

I received several e-mails from the parents the following day, stating that this was by far the best party they have attended and would bring their child back in the future. Thank you for all of your help, and the staff was absolutely wonderful!! -Deborah

It went really well and everyone had a great time!! Plus, it was by far the easiest birthday party I've ever thrown. Please thank the staff for me. I'm sure we'll be back next year! -Brenda

I was very impressed. I think you will get a few more birthday parties from this. Everyone was kind and considerate and the boys had a great time. Thank you -Barbara

Oh my gosh, your staff there on both days that we popped in were AMAZING...so nice and accommodating..... Exceptionally friendly with easy going fun loving attitudes.

Our 13 year old L O V E D it so much! We all had a blast! Fantastic time.

We ended up getting a membership for me too! Anyway - I want to talk my step daughter and her fiance into joining and tons of our friends too, so we can reserve more time slots in the morning again.

I want to thank you SO MUCH for being so flexible and accommodating to us.

We really had a top notch experience and look forward to spreading the word to our friends to join, and seeing you all again soon for our next race! ;-) A million thanks... Sincerely, -Donna

It went absolutely fabulous! The girls had a great time and were very competitive the 2nd race. I didn't know they would get so excited. They vowed to do it again and bring their families next time. Thank you for making our birthday outing great. Sincerely, -Neal

Everything was great... that was our second birthday there. We had a great time again as before. -Frank

We had a wonderful time! My son had a great birthday and was so happy with his choice! The girl who helped us at the desk was AMAZING! She handled our whole party, was quick, efficient and answered all of my crazy questions with a smile! It was great! We would definitely do it again :) The food was good...everyone enjoyed the pizza and it came out on time! -Kelley

Everything was absolutely perfect, your staff was very helpful and accommodating. The snacks and drinks were perfect. Thank you -Terri

It was a smashing success!!! I will refer you to anyone I know who is having a kid's Birthday Party. The staff was wonderful and everything went extremely smoothly and without a hitch. -Laura

It was great. The kids all loved it and couldn't stop talking about it. Several of the boys said they want to do the same thing for their birthdays. -Curt

All was great with the party! The boys had a blast there. I know some of the parents of the kids I had there will be calling you to schedule their parties there too. On our drive home many of the boys were talking about wanting their parties there too. -Jill

Great time, we'll come back. Very memorable for the kids and we got a bunch of action photos... thank you for setting this up. -Steve

The boys had a great time. Thank you so much. We really appreciate that you were flexible with the number of guests, and that we only got charged for the ones who showed. A lot of birthday party places charge for the minimum number of guests, no matter how many fewer may show. They are already asking to go back! Thanks again, The Jacob Family

The kids had a great time. The party went smoothly. I was very happy with the professionalism the staff showed. The kids were treated with respect and courtesy. Everybody had a good time. Thanks for asking. -Beatriz

It was great. Thank you so much and some of the boys returned the next day to race karts again! -Laura

They had the greatest time. Many of the kids are already planning (or wanting) to have their B-Day party there. Your staff were extremely helpful with the planning of the food, drinks and coordinating the races so that the kids and their families had maximum fun. We have had 3 B-Day parties and more to come I'm sure. Thank you again for the hospitality. -Alban

We had a GREAT time!!! The service was WONDERFUL!!! EVERYONE was so helpful. Thanks for helping to make my son's 9th birthday party the best yet!!! Not sure how I'm going to top it next year. He has already asked to have his 10th birthday there. Have a wonderful day! -Lisa

Our son's party was a hit!!!!!! I don't know who had more fun the kids or the adults. The pizza was great even the leftovers. What an awesome experience we will definitely be back. The staff was nice and helpful. Thanks again for a memorable tenth birthday! -Laurie

The party was great and everyone really enjoyed the venue and the racing. The food was good! We appreciated the help of the front desk staff as far as making sure we got everything together we needed for the racing and got us in so we didn't have to wait long for each race. In fact, all of the staff was friendly and helpful and that made the experience even better. We all want to come back another time for racing. It was a lot of fun! Thank you! -Karen

Everything went extremely well. The staff was very friendly and courteous, the facility was clean, and the races were enthralling. Overall, we will be having more parties at the Speed Circuit. -Tim

We had a wonderful time and the kids had an absolute blast! Many of the boys now want their party at Miramar Speed Circuit. -Wendy

It was a smashing success!!! I will refer you to anyone I know who is having a kids Birthday Party. The staff was wonderful and everything went extremely smoothly and without a hitch. :-) Laura

Thanks for everything! Everyone had a BLAST! We will definitely be back. With appreciation, Jody. PS - The cake was delicious too.

The party was great. The staff was very helpful and accomdating. It was a perfect birthday party/experience. Thank you so much for all your assistance. -Kristine

My son and his friends had an absolute blast! It was a very successful and well received party. I believe we even signed up 3 new memberships based on the party. The pizza was fine, it certainly met my expectations (and was nicely easy for me!). -Tom

Everything was perfect. The staff took very good care of us. Thx... Paul

We had a blast!!! That was the second Birthday party we have had there. The pizza was good and I appreciated all the help from the Bistro. They helped serve us and were very helpful! We will be back!! -Dawn

Everything was GREAT! My son & his friends had a blast!! -Debbi

Everything was just great. All the kids (and a few dads) had a total blast. My son had a great birthday. Pizza was really good and all the staff was nice and helpful. Thank you!!! I'm sure we'll be back! -Karen

Everything went very well, thanks. Adults and kids had a blast. The parents really got into it! Thanks for everything, Niki

The party was great. Everyone had a spectacular time. We can't wait to do it again. Your staff was very friendly. Thank you so much and we will be back soon. -Laura

Thank you for organizing the party for my son's birthday. Everyone had a good time. Also the food was very good. Certainly beyond my expectation. The whole staff was friendly. We'll be back! -Marsha

The party went off pretty well. All the kids were really happy about it, and now all of them want their birthday parties too at Miramar Speed Circuit. Thank you for arranging it well. -Hiren

The kids loved it! Cake was great. Thanks for all of your help. -Ed

We had a blast everything was perfect n the food was outstanding! Thank you so much for making this a memorable birthday! -Dorian

Thank you for following up! The party was a huge success - the boys all loved it! -Andrea

As always, the racing was awesome. We will see you in the future for more racing. Take care, Candy

My son & his friends had a GREAT time. Everything was very well organized and there were no problems or concerns. The dads even got out there & raced after the kids finished. Thanks so much! -Anna

Awesome! Everybody loved it. I gave your card info to a lot of parents and they will be calling you to have future party bookings. Thanks for making this happen for my sons B-Day, kudos to you and all of the staff at Miramar speed circuit. Thanks again to all, Douglas

The kids (and adults) had a great time driving. The staff was very friendly and helpful and they got us ready for our second race quickly after the first as we needed to leave. I'm sure we'll be back. Thanks for your help! -Devon

The party was a hit! The overall experience was awesome, my son and his friends had so much fun. Thanks for the great time, even the parents had a blast in fact, many of them joined the race as well!!! -Danielle

The seven young ladies all had a brilliant time at the track and the event was a great start to an excellent Bday party. Thanks, Mikala

My son and all his friends had a great time at the racetrack yesterday. The gal that checked us in and helped us out (didn't get her name) was EXCELLENT! She was friendly, helpful, and efficient. The guys operating the racetrack were also excellent in explaining the rules and upholding safety protocol. Thanks to all for the great experience! -Colette

My girl and her friends had a great birthday party at Miramar speed circuit. Thank you for making it so much fun. -Laura

We had a wonderful time, my son was ecstatic and his group of friends were very please. The food was good. Thank you once again. -Cristal

It was perfect! They had a blast and it was very smooth. Thank you!! -Kristin

Everything went great! The boys were very happy and the food was good. -Monique

Everything went great, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you very much! -Greg

It was a fun birthday party for my sons and all the boys had a great time! Thank you, Kristi

We had a great time Saturday. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. We look forward to going up there again soon!! Thanks again, Ashley

The boys and girl had a great time and they want to all go back soon. My son said it was the best party he has ever had. Thank you so much for making it such a great time for him. The food was good. Thank you again -Sharon

The party went great!!! The food was good. The kids had a great time and I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends! Thanks! -Randa

My son's birthday party was awesome! He is looking at summer camp. Thanks. -Scott

Thank you, everything was great. The girls had a good time and want to do it again. -Laureen

We had an AWESOME time! Everything was great. -Manuel

All was great...the front desk staff was really nice and kept the races going based on our pace. -Christina

The party was great. Thank you very much. -Ilana

The birthday party was a good time for all the kids, and the food was good. -Joseph

Had a great time. Event was extremely popular. Thank you! -Geoff

Hi - everyone had a blast. It was first time there for all of us. They all want to do it again. -Juli

Thank you for everything! The kids had a great time everything was super! Sincerely, Michelle

The kids loved the racing and the food was also great! Thank you so much for everything. My son definitely wanted to go back there again! We have no concerns about anything. Thanks again, -Nadya

My son and his friends had a BLAST at his birthday party - food was great - you really can't go wrong with pizza. I liked how my son and his friends were able to do their own race - that it was just their group. Thank you again for a good party! -Melissa

We had a great time. Your staff was very helpful. We will come back! -Ann

Everything was great. Your staff has always been courteous and pleasant. Best Regards, Ramiro

The boys had a great time. They said only good things. -Karin

Great fun - thank you. The front desk staff was wonderful. -Tracey

I just wanted to say we had a wonderful time and the surprise party was great. Most of the guys who raced said that they will definately come back... Thank you, -Jenn

It went just fine. Thank you! Everyone had a good time. -Laura

It was FABULOUS!! I asked Kelly, and her exact words - "loved the arcade, it was fun having my friends there to race with, liked the food. Want to go back." She and her friends said how much fun they had and they want to come back again. The staff is very friendly and worked very hard to make Kelly's party wonderful. Thank you again....we'll be back :) -Kelly's mom

We all had a great time on Saturday. We showed up a bit late, but were able to get on the track quickly. Well organized, helpful and courteous staff. -Ted

The girls had a great time. Thanks again for your assistance. -Sandy

It was great. Robert and friends had a lot of fun. He plans to return for camp this summer. Thank you -Robert's mom

My son said it was his best birthday ever. The food was good. Thanks, Vicki

It went well. The pizza was hot and the races were great. Thank you. Everyone had fun. -Rob

The party was great. We all had a great time there at the track. Your staff working that night was very nice on getting the races organized and keeping things running smoothly. -Daniel

We had a great fun time, we're still talking about it! Thanks a bunch!! -Ron

Everything was perfect, thank you! Just keep up the good work, Dina

We had a great time. Thank you so much for your flexibility on the races. -Kendall

My husband and the whole gang had a great time. Thank you for all your help... -Karen

All went really well, thank you! We had more than 20 people so I think the 3rd group was kinda bummed because the 2 groups who already went had to leave to move on to our next activity, so that was bad planning thing on my part. We probably should have gotten started earlier. BUT, all in all, it was fantastic! We definitely want to come back! -Anney