For Children 12 and under and a minimum of 4 feet tall


The beginning driving school is the best way to introduce your anxious driver to the fun and excitement of indoor kart racing. The main focus of the course is safety.

Course Agenda
  • Track Briefing: The instructor will teach track safety and get the students fitted into the proper helmets and seated into the karts, making sure that the students are comfortably seated and can reach the gas and brake pedals. Basic kart operation (brakes, gas, steering etc.) are covered.
  • 30 Minutes of Driving: The best way to learn how to drive is by practicing. The instructors will teach the students how to drive safely around the track and gradually increase speed as they go. Between each driving session, the instructors will pull the class off to the side of the track to evaluate performance and answer any questions.
By the end of the course, all students will understand the track, karts, and personal safety. Time sheets will also be provided to each student showing progress of the students from start to finish of the lesson.

Due to limited spaces, please call (858) 586-7500 for a reservation.