Miramar Speed Circuit offers its guests a 1/4 mile (1,500 ft) technical asphalt racetrack. This track is considered to be one of the finest indoor tracks in the United States.

Our track has been designed by professional racers to challenge our customers - whether it's your first time in a kart or you've been coming to the Speed Circuit for years.

The track boasts 4 hairpin turns, 2 straight-aways and a longer, more technical course than most other indoor courses. The asphalt track is the optimum medium for racing as it allows the tires to grip the track and prevents sliding, allowing the racer to use their brakes less often. The karts, which can travel up to 40 miles per hour, are made by SODI and are equipped with Honda 6.5BHP engines. Each kart has Club Speed Timing, which electronically records lap times to the one thousandths of a second, giving the racer detailed information for each lap completed.

Speed Circuit's dedication to the safety of our drivers is always our number one concern. Passing areas and the carefully engineered barrier system ensure a safe racing environment.

Come and set a new best laptime!


Laser tag is a high-tech game of computerized hide and seek, tag, and capture the flag all rolled into one. The game is played in a 5,000 square foot maze called the arena. Stepping into the arena is like walking through a life-size video screen into a futuristic labyrinth filled with unfriendly foes. Pulsating music, sirens and intermittent flashes of light and color break through the foggy darkness to bombard the player's senses. Laser tag is designed to appeal to players of all ages.

For younger and new players, it is an active and adventurous game set in a fantasy world. Players emerge breathless and laughing. For older and more experienced players there are the challenges of bettering their score or the teamwork of defending a base. It's a fun-filled social activity. For serious and more physically fit players, it's a competitive sport.

We seek to become one of the premier entertainment destinations for San Diego County. We provide a cost-effective, high intensity, healthy environment for the young as well as the young at heart to join others in the pursuit of a great time. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and a first-class facility to ensure that you will make us one of your favorite entertainment destinations.


We are opening
a new indoor karting location
in Eastlake/Chula Vista soon!
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Tue & Thurs - all day
1 20-minute race/2 games
for the Price of 1!
Must be at least 5 feet tall.

Unlimited Laser Tag Play
Fri & Sat - 9pm to close
Daily - 8pm to close
Only $25 per person!

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